Future priorities for BTO Scotland

You may remember that in Autumn of 2012 we held a special 'thank you' event in Edinburgh where we celebrated achievements during our 10 years based in Stirling ( by Chris Wernham here). Those supporters who were able to attend had the opportunity to comment on some possible BTO Scotland priorities for the future, and we are grateful for the valuable ideas they provided. Here are the 6 priority work areas that we suggested. We are still keen to hear any views on these, or suggestions of other areas of work you would like to see BTO Scotland undertaking in future.
Funding priority work areas is not easy in the current financial climate, so if you can help with funding, or you know someone who might be able to, please get in touch.

1. Understanding the seasonal movements of Short-eared Owls

- building on our previous work on this charismatic species to follow satellite-tagged birds and learn more about their movements, habitat requirements and genetic linkage of populations. 


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2. Engaging young people with long-term monitoring of birds

- many wildlife activities are provided for children and we would like to work in partnership to design a bridging scheme to inspire more youngsters towards biological recording. 


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3. How are recent environmental changes affecting Scotland's birds?

- we need to use the comprehensive information from Bird Atlas 2007-11 to fully investigate likely future changes for Scotland's birds as a result of climate and land-use change. 


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4. Surveys of inland-breeding seabirds and the next seabird census

- we need to get volunteers engaged in surveying inland-breeding seabirds to lend support to the next national seabird census and help ensure that this is as comprehensive as possible.


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5. Benefits of scrub and woodland management for Scotland's birds

- with woodlands on the increase in Scotland, we need to build on existing research to understand how the benefits of management for birds and other wildlife can be maximised. 


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6. PhD partnerships with universities

– studentships are an excellent way of funding topical research and BTO Scotland staff have a range of expertise to share with academic supervisors and students alike.

We would like to hear from you if you have comments, if you would like to discuss these or other ideas in more detail, if you have suggestions about how we could secure the funding to make these projects happen, or you are interested in funding a project yourself - chris.wernham [at] bto.org (please drop us an email).

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