Our work

Scotland is a wonderful place for both birds and people. At times, difficult decisions need to be made which might impact on our wildlife populations. At these times, impartial scientific evidence is critical.

We aim to provide high quality, objective information on birds and their changing environment to inform conservation and land-management decision-making. Different questions call for different approaches and BTO's extensive volunteer network is complemented by the work of BTO scientists, professional fieldworkers and research collaborators.

We focus on Scottish habitats, species and policy-relevant issues, delivered within BTO's UK-wide research framework

Click here for information about increasing monitoring coverage in the uplands.

Principal work areas are as follows:

uplands and moorlands
woodlands and forestry
urban biodiversity
species-focused research (including: Short-eared Owls, Whinchats, Hawfinches, Peregrines and Ptarmigan)
policy-driven projects (including: goose management policy, urban gulls and the impacts of predatory birds)
customer-led consultancy work
long-term monitoring schemes
working with volunteers

We also provide support to the BTO Wetland and Marine Team in their work on seabirds and marine renewables and have a strong interest in research relating to terrestrial wind energy and birds.

For further information on BTO Scotland research contact: Chris Wernham or John Calladine.

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