Northern Ireland Seabird Co-ordinator

Kerry Leonard, Northern Ireland Seabird Co-ordinator

In February 2013 Kerry Leonard was appointed to the part-time role of Northern Ireland Seabird Co-ordinator. This British Trust for Ornithology post is funded by the Northern Ireland Environment Agency. His primary role will be:

  • To encourage and co-ordinate seabird surveyors in Northern Ireland, particularly volunteers, to get greater coverage, and gather more information on, breeding seabirds in Northern Ireland.
  • Work with NGOs and other groups managing seabird breeding sites.
  • To develop a standardised register of all seabird breeding sites in Northern Ireland.
  • To make sure that the data is submitted to the relevant government agencies (NIEA and JNCC) to help with seabird population monitoring and conservation.
  • Encourage more seabird research and projects in Northern Ireland.
  • Look towards how the next national census of UK seabirds might be organised in Northern Ireland.
  • Produce a detailed written report on breeding seabirds in Northern Ireland.

The Seabird Co-ordinator works with local seabird surveyors who come together to form the Northern Ireland Seabird Surveyor Network. The activities of the Co-ordinator and Network are overseen by a Seabird Monitoring Steering Group comprised of local seabird experts.

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