Dilys Breese Medal

For outstanding communication of BTO activities to a wide audience

2009  Stephen Moss (TV)
Fiona Barclay (Web media)
Tony Soper (Writing)
Stuart Winter (National Press)
Brett Westwood (Radio)
Ray Collier (Regional media)
2010  Chris Packham
Michael McCarthy
2012 Sheena Harvey
2013 John Ingham
2014 Victoria Gill
2015 Ben Hoare
2016 Dr Max Whitby
2017 Mary Colwell
2018 Martin Hughes-Games
2019 Lesley Dolphin
2020 Graham Appleton
2021 Dominic Couzens
2022 Kit Jewitt

The Marsh Award for Ornithology

The Marsh Awards are supported by the Marsh Charitable Trust and presented by the BTO. For an ornithologist who is making a significant contribution to the field, typically someone who gained a PhD between ten and twenty years prior to the award being made

2010 Dr Jennifer Gill
Dr Ian Hartley
2012 Prof Jeremy Wilson
2013 Dr Jane Reid
2014 Dr Francis Daunt
2015 Dr Stuart Butchart
2016 Prof Will Cresswell
2017 Dr Becki Lawson
2018 Dr Juliet Vickery
2019 Dr Dan Chamberlain
2020 Dr Jen Smart
2021 Dr Alison Johnston
2022 Dr Alex Bond

The Marsh Local Ornithology Award

For a bird club or group that publishes a book, completes a study or conducts any other exceptional activity in the preceding calendar year that advances knowledge about birds

2010 Cheshire & Wirral Ornithology Society
Henfield Birdwatch
2012 Herts Bird Club
2013 Arran Natural History Society
2014 Friends of Skokholm & Skomer
2015 Dr Malcolm Burgess &
2016 Cross & Stratford Welsh Chough Project
2017 Bardsey Bird Observatory
2018 Spurn Bird Observatory
2019 Mike Smart
2020 Scottish Ornithologists' Club
2021 Vic Fairbrother & Ken Hutchinson
2022 The Chilterns Landscape Partnership project ‘Tracking the Impact'

The Marsh Award for Innovative Ornithology

Celebrates an important contribution which takes forward our understanding of avian ecology or conservation science

2012 BTO Cuckoo Team 
2013 Dr Christian Rutz
2014 The Spoon-billed Sandpiper Recovery Team
2015 Mark Constantine & The Sound Approach
2016 Dick Newell & Action for Swifts
2017 Ben Kibel (Hookpod)
2018 Dr Stuart Newson
2019 EuroBirdPortal (Gabriel Gargallo & David Marti)
2020 Dr Ellie Owen (Project Puffin)
2021 West Midlands Ringing Group
2022 Rob Clements

The Marsh Award for International Ornithology

Awarded to an individual scientist whose work on the international stage has had significant influence on British ornithology, especially as reflected in the work of BTO scientists and volunteers.

2013 Lars Svensson
2014 Dr Shiiwua Manu
2015 Prof Franz Bairlein
2016 Prof Pertti Saurola
2017 Prof Theunis Piersma
2018 David Stroud MBE
2019 Dr Petr Voříšek
2020 Dr Verena Keller
2021 Prof Lukas Jenni
2022 No award

The Marsh Award for Young Ornithologist

Awarded to an individual (or group of people) under the age of 21 who has/have made a significant contribution to BTO bird monitoring schemes and shared this information with their peers.

2015 Findlay Wilde
2016 Josie Hewitt
2017 Toby Carter
2018 Louis Driver
2019 Kabir Kaul
2020 Mike Sinclair
2021 Siân Mercer
2022 Anna Webberley

Founder’s Medal

1991 Dr E M Nicholson

Bernard Tucker Medal

For outstanding service to the Trust

1954 Miss E P Leach & P A D Hollom
1955 W B Alexander & R C Homes
1956 Dr J A Gibb and G W Temperley
1957 R A O Hickling & Sir Landsborough Thomson CB OBE DSc
1958 J A G Barnes & Dr E M Nicholson
1959 A W Boyd & C A Norris
1960 Dr B Campbell OBE & Dr S Smith
1961 Major R F Ruttledge & H N Southern
1962 No medal awarded
1963 Mrs E Barnes & S Cramp
1964 Dr D A Ratcliffe
1965 R K Cornwallis
1966 J Fisher & G M Tait
1967 Dr J S Ash
1968 Mrs S Cowdy
1969 No medal awarded
1970 A F G Walker
1971 S M Taylor
1972 No medal awarded
1973 F C Gribble
1974 Mr & Mrs J A Hardman
1975 Dr C D T Minton
1976 I J Ferguson-Lees
1977 No medal awarded
1978 G C Lambourne
1979 H P Sitters
1980 Mr & Mrs A D Wilson
1981 No medal awarded
1982 P G Davis
1983 R A O Hickling
1984 No medal awarded
1985 Major G F A Munns
1986 M Boddy
1987 No medal awarded
1988 No medal awarded
1989 G H Gush
1990 J M McMeeking MBE
1991 M Shrubb
1992 P Catchpole & C du Feu
1993 R Swann
1994 M Adcock & G Horne
1995 B Little
1996 J C Callion
1997 C J Mead
1998 Dr M P Harris
1999 Dr A G Gosler & D G Coker
2000 Dr R Green
2001 M G Cubitt
2002 Professor D Norman
2003 A C Blackburn, D E Glue & Dr C P F Redfern
2004 Dr M V Hounsome & D Warden
2005 S G Dodd
2006 O J Merne
2007 John Brooke, R C Cooke & Peter Potts
2008 S J R Rumsey & R Duncan
2009 R Hoblyn
2010 Dr H Insley
M Nicoll
2012 M Marquiss
2013 Dr A Brenchley
2013 Dr R W Summers
2014 D M Francis
2015 Mr J V Lloyd
2016 Tom Kittle
2017 Ken Smith
2019 Graham Geen
2020 Mike Steward
2021 Tony Davis
2022 No award

Jubilee Medal

For committed devotion to the Trust

1983 Miss D V Breese
1984 R Gillmor
1985 Mrs M Waller
1986 Mrs S Cowdy
1987 Mr & Mrs T Poyser
1988 Dr M P Taylor
1989 Dr A B Watson
1990 No medal awarded
1991 Dr B Campbell OBE & C A Norris 
1992 G H Green & J A Hancock, OBE
1993 P L Ireland & R Spencer
1994 No medal awarded
1995 Mr & Mrs J A Hardman
1996 Dr J K Partridge
1997 I C Castle & D F Musson
1998 S J Sutcliffe
1999 J V R Woodland
2000 No medal awarded
2001 T D Holden
2002 H Robb
2003 J D Okill
2004 No medal awarded
2005 P J Hearn & J Tully
2006 T A Cadwallender & Dr K W Perry
2007    Brian Henson
2008 Dr RG Gibbs and RJ Howells
2009 N Elkins
2010 Dr CJR Thorne
J K Bonell
2012 Ms E Tigwell
2013 Mr R L Bland
2014 D Mullings
2015 Ms P E Knowles
2016 David Sowerbutts and Tony Cooper
2017 Bob Harris
2019 Robert T (Bobby) Smith and Colin Corse
2020 Murray Orchard

Tony Cross

Mike Archer

2022 Simon Taylor

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