Stock Dove

Columba oenas

The only member of the pigeon family that is likely to use a nest box is the Stock Dove, which also nests in cavities in rotten trees. Stock Doves have the same general colouration as Woodpigeons but are smaller and lack the white collar and white wing bars. It may be possible to confuse juvenile Woodpigeons with Stock Doves, as they have no white collars.

Stock Dove nest boxes are best sited on the edge of woodland, overlooking open fields. Boxes should be set at least three metres high.

For more information about Stock Doves, see the BTO’s BirdFacts and Wider Countryside Report.

  • Very big nest box (150mm)
  • Nest height: At least 3m above ground
  • The nest is made of twigs and roots. A deep layer of droppings will accumulate
  • Egg laying starts between early March and early October. 2-5 broods
  • 2 eggs. Plain white
  • Incubation time: 21-23 days
  • Nestlings fledge after 28-29 days