Little Owl

Athene noctua

The Little Owl is the smallest of our owls, being no bigger than a Starling in length. The best time to see one is in the evening, when birds will catch the last hour or so of the sunshine, half hidden in the branches of a tree.

Little Owls are birds of farmland, eating lots of worms and insects, which they catch while stomping about fields at night. They nest in holes in trees or sometimes in rabbit burrows. Occasionally Little Owls will move into a large nest box but they are more likely to be attracted to
special nest boxes (PDF, 2.46 MB)

For more information about Little Owls, see the BTO’s BirdFacts and Wider Countryside Report.

  • Large nest box with hole
  • No nest made
  • Egg laying starts between early April and mid May
  • 3 to 4 eggs. White
  • Incubation time: 29-31 days
  • Nestlings fledge after 37-40 days