Multimedia Identification Guide to North Atlantic Seabirds: Pterodroma Petrels (North Atlantic Seabirds 2)

Multimedia Identification Guide to North Atlantic Seabirds: Pterodroma Petrels (
Bob Flood and Ashley Fisher, with Martin Elliott
Publisher:  Pelagic Birds and Birding Multimedia Identification Guides in association with Scilly Pelagics.
Page Count:  316
ISBN Number:  978-0-95688-671-2

This is a brilliant book! It is one of the most informative books and DVDs on the species of Pterodroma petrels I have come across -  the Trinidade, Kermadec, Atlantic, Great-winged, Bermuda, Black-capped, Soft-plumaged, Fea’s and Zino’s Petrel are all covered. It is a very thorough guide, covering in great detail aspects such as jizz, plumage patterns, size, and flight behaviour.

The first part covers taxonomy, including status and distribution for each species, giving great detail. It is amazingly comprehensive and very well illustrated with range maps, diagrams and fantastic photographs.

The second part of the book covers identification and, as with all good ID guides, gives a full account of confusion pairs or confusion groups  comprising other petrels, skuas, and Great and Sooty Shearwaters, giving useful detail and being very easy to read.

The book also has good, clear colour identification plates. It is very thorough in all aspects and has been extremely well researched.

The two DVDs that come with the book have breathtakingly fantastic footage of all species mentioned in the text. A must-watch on a large-screen television if at all possible, as the filming of these birds careening across the seas make the book come alive.

Over 300 pages, 130 minutes of footage on two DVDs, over 350 colour photographs and 40 stunning colour illustrations by Martin Elliott make up this exhaustive work.

A must-have purchase for any birder keen on petrels – or going on a cruise-ship holiday – as these DVDs and the book raise the bar for seabird ID guides.

Comes with 2 DVDs

Jonathan Key