The Little Book of Wetland Bird Sounds

The Little Book of Wetland Bird Sounds
Andrea Pinnington & Caz Buckingham
Publisher:  Fine Feather Press, Farnham
Page Count:  24
ISBN Number:  9781908489319

I was delighted to see that this book had been released, following on from similar books focusing on woodland and garden birds. As with its predecessors, the book covers twelve species with a double page for each, and with a corresponding button which plays the call. The production of these books is excellent, with wonderful photographs, illustrations and brief, interesting, factually correct text. The pages are solid card, resistant to clumsy handling by smaller children. The audio recordings area is correct, clear, surprisingly loud and of good quality. The batteries have lasted well, despite frequent enthusiastic pressing by my son. We have used these books in various ways, starting by simply reading the text and pressing the buttons (lots), moving on to various guessing games once he had begun to learn the calls. I'm all for encouraging learning bird songs and calls at any age, and these books are fantastic for getting youngsters started early.

It's a 10/10 from me. I cannot fault this book, and I hope that the publishers are planning to release more in the series.

Ben Darvill