The Life of the Robin

The Life of the Robin
David Lack
Publisher:  Pallas Athene
1st edition published:  1943
Page Count:  282
ISBN Number:  978-1-84368-120-5

First published in 1943, and the subject of four editions, a reprint and a reissue, David Lack’s The Life of the Robin represents the very best of accessible natural history writing. The author’s ability to combine the clarity and precision of a scientist with the enthusiasm of someone passionately engaged with his study subject, delivers a book that is full of charm, knowledge and narrative.

This new edition, published by Pallas Athene, has at its core the 1965 edition of the book – the last to be overseen by David Lack. To this have been added two new chapters, the first, by Robin expert David Harper, details what we have learnt since Lack’s pioneering work. The second, by David’s son Peter – himself an ornithologist, presents a unique insight to the book, its author and his legacy.

This is a book that delivers accessible science in an engaging way, building to deliver a narrative that brings our familiar Robin into a new focus. It is a book that, in my opinion, has rarely been bettered and one that fully deserves this well produced new edition.

Mike Toms