The Egg

The Egg
Britta Teckentrup
Publisher:  Prestel Verlag, Munich-London-New York
Page Count:  96
ISBN Number:  9783791372945

This is a beautifully illustrated celebration of eggs. We read the book together and both dad and daughter learnt many new things. Descriptions of the amazing sizes of the eggs of the Elephant Bird and hummingbirds, camouflage in shorebird eggs, the wonderfully diverse shapes and colours of insect eggs and many other topics are all accompanied by charming paintings. The text is minimal but informative and interesting.

Some sections are perhaps a little drily written and may require off-the-cuff editing by a co-reading adult but generally speaking the content is fascinating for adults and children alike and accessible to all. Later sections on mythology, Faberge eggs and The Golden Egg were, surprisingly, as well received as the majority focussing on natural history and added to the interest and diversity of the book. Overall, this book is definitely recommended as an informative and attractive introduction to eggs and their places in human culture, as well as for the high quality of the production. 

Chris and Hazel (aged 7) Hewson