Bat, by Tessa Laird (cover)
Tessa Laird
Publisher:  Reaktion Books, London
Page Count:  224
ISBN Number:  9781780238944

‘Bat’ is an interesting dissection of the many different sides of bats, from both a biological and a cultural view point. The book is full of intriguing, bizarre and astonishing facts about bats, from biology, pop culture, mythology, literature and art. The main focus is on the interaction of bats and human life - the way they are portrayed within different cultures, the effect that has on the cultural opinion and what that means for their protection in the law or lack thereof.

Due to the mystery surrounding bats, they are frequently misunderstood and feared. Bats are associated with demons, devils and commonly in modern western culture, vampires. Too often considered demonic creatures of the night, they are in fact major contributors to pollinating the planet and in fact rarely spread disease.

‘Bat’ is a celebration, showing the positive side of bats and uncovering many of the mysteries they have been shrouded in for so long.

Hazel Evans