WWC 1999-2000

 Wildfowl and Wetland Counts

The Wetland Bird Survey 1999-2000: Wildfowl and Wader Counts

Andy Musgrove, Mark Pollitt, Colette Hall, Richard Hearn, Steve Holloway, Paul Marshall, James Robinson and Peter Cranswick

Section 1 (71KB pdf file) Pages i to iv
Title Page, Acknowledgements, The Wetland Bird Survey, Contacts, National Goose Census, Contents

 Section 2 (171KB pdf file) Pages 1 to 14
Summary, Introduction, WeBS Core Counts, Survey methods, Analysis, Presentation and notation, Interpretation of waterbird counts, Coverage, Total numbers

  Section 3 (292KB pdf file) Pages 15 to 31
Coverage, Total numbers

 Section 4 (152KB pdf file) Pages 32 to 41
Species Accounts: Red-throated Diver to Black-necked Grebe

 Section 5 (151KB pdf file) Pages 42 to 49
Species Accounts: Cormorant to Bewick's Swan

 Section 6 (215KB pdf file) Pages 50 to 60
Species Accounts: Whooper Swan to Greylag Goose

 Section 7 (149KB pdf file) Pages 61 to 67
Species Accounts: Bar-headed Goose to Light-bellied Brent Goose

 Section 8 (141KB pdf file) Pages 68 to 74
Species Accounts: Red-breasted Goose to Wigeon

 Section 9 (141KB pdf file) Pages 75 to 80
Species Accounts: American Wigeon to Mallard

 Section 10 (166KB pdf file) Pages 81 to 90
Species Accounts: Black Duck to Scaup

 Section 11 (164KB pdf file) Pages 91 to 100
Species Accounts: Lesser Scaup to Ruddy Duck

 Section 12 (101KB pdf file) Pages 101 to 106
Species Accounts: Argentine Blue-bill to Black-winged Stilt

 Section 13 (172KB pdf file) Pages 107 to 120
Species Accounts: Avocet to Jack Snipe

 Section 14 (202KB pdf file) Pages 121 to 141
Species Accounts: Snipe to Kingfisher

 Section 15 (71KB pdf file) Pages 142 to 146
Principal sites

Section 16 (66KB pdf file) Pages 147 to 151
WeBS Low Tide Counts, Aims, Methods, Data Presentation, Estuary Accounts, Acknowledgements

Section 17 (613KB pdf file) Pages 152 to 161
Low Tide Site Accounts: Carmarthen Bay; Cromarty Firth; Firth of Clyde; Newtown Harbour; Solway Firth

Section 18 (148KB pdf file) Pages 162 to 173
References, Glossary, Appendix 1 International Designations, Appendix 2 International and National Importance, Appendix 3 Analyses

Section 19 (15KB pdf file) Pages 174
Appendix 3 Cont.

Section 20 (318KB pdf file) Pages 175 to 201
Appendix 3 Cont., Appendix 4 Total Numbers of Waterbirds Recorded in England, Appendix 5 Total Numbers of Waterbirds Recorded in Scotland, Appendix 6 Total Numbers of Waterbirds Recorded in Wales, Appendix 7 Total Numbers of Waterbirds Recorded in the Channel Islands, Appendix 8 Total Numbers of Waterbirds Recorded at Inland and Coastal Sites, Appendix 9 Locations of WeBS Count Sites Mentioned in This Report