Integrated Population Monitoring Recorder (IPMR)

IPMR is written by Mark Cubitt on behalf of the BTO for ringers and nest recorders. On this page you will find all the program and documentation downloads that you will need for IPMR. It is recommended that you familiarise yourself with the relevant documentation before attempting to use the program.

Please download and upgrade to the latest version if you have not already done so as there will be new functionality, ring string updates and bug fixes in each release.

Submitting data to the BTO

Please note that Webmail is not supported by IPMR.  If you use Webmail then you will need to attach your submission files manually to an email.  To do this, when you have clicked OK to create your submission, select the 4th Processing option “Copy filename to clipboard (to manually attach to email)”.

When you create your email to select to add an attachment and in the File name box cut and paste (ctrl + V on keyboard) and click the ‘Open’ button.  

View an animated tutorial (.AVI movie, 17mb) on running consistency checks and creating and attaching your submission file to an email.

When you send a submission to BTO you will receive an auto reply to say that the file has arrived and a separate email confirmation of loading one to weeks later.  Please check you receive these replies as it confirms that we have received your data.

The email addresses for sending electronic data to BTO are:

Ringing data submissions –
Nest Records submissions –
CES submissions –
RAS submissions –

IPMR used to create emails in your mail package in a number of functions through the application. This still works but only for old style email systems. The mail package type is set in the Setup> Options function. The option can be set to MS Outlook or MAPI. MAPI applies to Outlook Express, Netscape Messenger and Eudora. Web email is not supported.

IPMR and MAC users

IPMR can be used on an Apple Macintosh PC using two different methods. The newer Mac’s with Intel processors can be set to dual-boot with Windows. As IPMR supports older versions of Windows, such as XP, licenses can be purchased more cheaply than the latest version.

If you have a Power-PC processor or wish not to dual-boot your Macintosh then installing an emulator (often with an edition of Windows, such as XP) will work. Currently this method has been tested with Microsoft Virtual PC for the Macintosh with Windows XP. If you are able to get IPMR to work with other emulators please let the IPMR Advisors team know.

Further help and advice can always be obtained from the IPMR Advisors forum.

New IPMR version 2.6. available now (12.02.2014)

Note: This version will run on all 32-bit or 64-bit Microsoft Windows Operating Systems (including Windows Vista,7 & 8).

Program and installation downloads


NOTE: Once you have installed IPMR when you go in to use it please double check that you are on version 2.6.  To check go to help - about IPMR.

Installation guide for IPMR v 2 - 500KB

  1. Installing IPMR for the first time

  2. Upgrading IPMR from previous release
  3. Moving IPMR to a new machine

IPMR User guide

 Download Ring Price update Nov2013 - for updating ring prices in IPMR - 1Kb (CSV format)


This can be obtained from the IPMR Advisors. To do this you need to first join the forum. Email  Once approved, you will then be able to post to the forum. The Advisors team is made up of experienced IPMR Users, Demography Team (Ringing Scheme and Nest Records Team) Staff, plus those involved with the programming and testing of future IPMR releases.