Garden BirdWatch (GBW)

Garden BirdWatch monitors the changing fortunes of birds and other garden wildlife through its network of 'citizen scientists'. Observations collected by BTO Garden BirdWatchers are analysed by BTO researchers and published in leading journals. BTO Garden BirdWatchers have charted the decline of the House Sparrow, the rise of the Woodpigeon, have discovered that urban birds get up later than their rural counterparts and have alerted conservationists to the impact of an emerging disease in Greenfinches. Find out more about Garden BirdWatch.


Latest GBW News

Receive a free NNBW nest box when you join BTO & GBW for £45

National Nest Box Week membership offer

To celebrate this year's National Next Box Week (NNBW), the BTO has put together a wonderful offer that will enrich your garden birdwatching, while supporting our vital research. Until 29 February we are offering the opportunity to join both the BTO and Garden BirdWatch for £4 a month, and you will also receive one of the two official NNBW nest boxes. Take advantage of this offer now.

Goldfinches by Paul Newton

Durham Garden and Urban Wildlife Conference

Join us in Durham for a day of talks celebrating the importance of gardens and urban areas for nature. Featuring talks from the BTO Garden BirdWatch team, Butterfly Conservation, Durham Wildlife Trust and other local organisations, the conference will provide an opportunity for you to meet with others who share an enthusiasm for gardens and their wildlife and to quiz the experts! 

What are Goldfinches feeding on in your garden?

Through the Goldfinch Feeding Survey, we aim to understand why Goldfinches are becoming increasingly common in gardens, and how important the food we put out or the plants we grow are. So far it seems that sunflower hearts are more tempting than nyger seed, but is that really the case? We need your help between now and the end of February to find out the answers!