Desktop wallpapers

GBW wallpaper 

Waxwing by John Harding

To liven up your computer desktop, we've got together with some great photographers to allow you to download stunning wallpapers for your computer. We will post new wallpapers periodically but the old ones will still remain available if you fancy a regular change.

The first of these is by John Harding and shows a stunning Waxwing. This winter has been a bumper one for Waxwings with good numbers cropping up at sites up and down the country.

Which size image do you need?

The size of picture you should download will depend on your screen size. Check what size your desktop is set to by right-clicking on your desktop and then selecting Properties and finally Settings. You'll need to use a different set of clicks to access your desktop settings on a Mac.

We have three sizes available:  1280x1024, 1024x768 and 800x600

How do I download the image?

Windows users:
To download the image first click on the correct screen size above and then on the resulting large image right-click and select 'Set as Background'

Mac users (OS X):
Hold 'Ctrl' and click on the correct screen size above, choose the 'Save linked file to Desktop' option, then move the file somewhere you'll remember. Then open 'System Preferences', select the 'Desktop and Screensaver' option, then navigate to the place you saved the image and select it.

Note that the copyright for these images remains with the photographer, and they are for use as desktop wallpapers only.

If you have high-quality photographs that you would like to contribute as possible future Garden BirdWatch wallpapers then please contact us at

Alternatively, why not share your photograph with the Garden BirdWatch group on flickr.