Great Tit

The Great Tit, the most studied species of bird in the world, is one of the most frequent visitors to garden feeding stations. Being relatively general in its diet and quick to spot novel feeding opportunities, the Great Tit has found rich rewards in gardens.

Great Tit graph

Great Tit by John Harding

Long-term trend

The long-term GBFS trend for the Great Tit is remarkably consistent, with a mean weekly peak count per garden of c.2.2 individuals. However, while this figure is broadly consistent over the long-term, between any two years the number of Great Tits in GBFS gardens can vary substantially. Such variability is associated with food availability in the wider countryside. For example, research using GBFS data shows that when beechmast is scarce, more Great Tits utilise garden feeders.

Mean weekly peak count per garden - decade means

1970s 1980s 1990s 2000s
2.31 2.16 2.14 2.15

Percentage of gardens occupied - recent winters

2008/09 (%) 2009/10 (%) 2010/11 (%) 2011/12 (%) 2012/13 (%)
97 98 99 97 98