List of all BTO surveys

The BTO has carried out around 250 surveys since the 1930s. These are listed below in approximately reverse chronological order.

Linked to the name of the survey in the below is a full description including details of why the survey started, a summary of its results, its field methods, details of collaborators, organisers, publications and data all under a standard series of headings.

Most of the current surveys also have separate web pages and these are linked where they exist. These contain a variable amount of some but not all of the same information.

A list of surveys which covered any particular species or area is available here.

Continuing Surveys

-- Constant Effort Sites
-- Retrapping Adults for Survival
-- Moult
Nest Records Scheme
-- Nestbox Challenge
-- Barn Owl Monitoring Scheme

Current Special Surveys

Woodcock 2013
Winter Thrushes
Nightingale 2012
Hen Harrier Roosts 1985/86 -

Large Scale completed Surveys

Completed Surveys 2005-2010

Ringed Plover 2007
Little Ringed Plover 2007

Surveys with Fieldwork started 2000-2005

Surveys with Fieldwork started 1990-1999

Surveys with Fieldwork started 1980-1989

Surveys with Fieldwork started 1930s-1979