BirdTrack desktop wallpaper

To liven up your computer desktop, we've got together with some great photographers to allow you to download stunning wallpapers for your computer. We will post new wallpapers periodically but the old ones will still remain available if you fancy a regular change.


Although Woodcocks breed in suitable habitat throughout the UK and Ireland, they are far more numerous in the winter months. Large numbers usually arrive from Scandinavia and western Russia in mid to late October. Woodcocks are normally nocturnal but hard winter weather often makes them easier to see as they are forced to feed in the open during daylight hours. This increased detectability is refelected in the BirdTrack reporting rate for both winters 2009-10 and 2010-11.




Which size image do you need?

The size of picture you should download will depend on your screen size, so to check this right click on your desktop and click on Properties, and then Settings.

How do I download the image?

Windows users
To download the image, click on desired resolution size link under the wallpaper you want to download. Some web browsers such as Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox will allow you to set the image as wallpaper directly by right-clicking with your mouse and selecting  'Set as background', 'Set as desktop background' or a similar option, and following instructions. If this option is not available, you may need to choose 'Save Image' or 'Save Image As' after right-clicking, which will allow you to choose where to download the image. You will then need to access your display options on your computer to change the desktop background manually.

Mac users (OS X)
Hold 'Ctrl' and click on the correct screen size underneath the picture above, choose the 'Save linked file to Desktop' option, then move the file somewhere you'll remember. Then open 'System Preferences', select the 'Desktop and Screensaver' option, then navigate to the place you saved the image and select it.


Photos have been kindly provided courtesy of the photographers listed on the left. Click on their names to visit their websites.

Note that the copyright for these images remains with the photographer, and they are for use as desktop wallpapers only. For reproduction or other uses, please contact the photographer directly.

If you have high-quality photographs that you would like to contribute as possible future BirdTrack wallpapers then please contact the BirdTrack Organiser. Alternatively, please feel free to add to the BirdTrack group on flickr.

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