House Sparrow

Passer domesticus


The cheeky cockney sparrow found whereever there is human habitation. Or at least that was the case. How many gaps will we now see in the Atlas maps now that they have disappeared from many of their former haunts? If you've still got sparrows near home make sure you submit the records and help to give us an accurate picture of where they still occur.

Note that the 2007-11 maps (below left) reflect only records submitted so far online . We will update these with records from paper forms at the end of each fieldwork season. Check back soon to see how the picture develops. And why not take part and help fill the gaps.


             Winter distribution, 2007/08-10/11                                      Winter distribution 1981/82-83/84





                  Breeding distribution, 2007-11                                             Breeding distribution, 1988-91