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Winter Farmland Birds Survey


All 10-km squares visited at least once by volunteers of WFBS

The Winter Farmland Bird Survey has generated a staggering amount of information on lowland farmland birds. The map (right) shows all 10-km squares from which at least one farmland bird record was reported over the three years of the survey. It shows that someone visited almost the whole extent of British farmland for this BTO survey - an amazing measure of the efforts of these dedicated volunteer observers.

Now for some big numbers! Winter Walks and Casual Records were popular and each winter yielded several hundred-thousand records. The table below breaks down the numbers of forms, routes or squares visited and total numbers of birds reported. These add up to a staggering 5.2 million birds over the three winters….and we have yet to received probably a further half-million records from the final winter of the Square Survey.



Casual Record statistics

  1999/2000 2000/2001 2001/2002
Forms received




Flock records




Total birds 1,238,477 852,530 893,045

Winter Walks statistics

  1999/2000 2000/2001 2001/2002
Routes visited 447 275 303
Records 21,810 13,688 15,990
Total birds 554,861 351,240 395,686

Square Survey statistics

  1999/2000 2000/2001 2002/2003
Squares surveyed 870 801 745
Field records 36,522 69,273 76,502
Total birds 404,775 532,997 546,035

The maps below show the distribution of 10-km squares receiving coverage for the different components of the survey. To see results from specific results, click on the appropriate map:

Casual Records

Winter Walks

Square Survey

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