Corporate Membership

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The BTO - Looking out for birds with Business

Andy Clements, BTO Director


The BTO has a strong reputation for independent, pragmatic conservation science. We provide decision makers with the information they need to inform and focus conservation policy and action. Government departments, businesses, conservation NGOs and land managers all benefit from our impartial advice. Business benefits from BTO consultancy, partnership in scientific research, advice and a valued relationship through Corporate Membership.

Many companies are already making an important contribution to Britain’s biodiversity, supporting the BTO through our Corporate Membership Scheme. The BTO is able to broadcast business’ commitment and involvement to more than 50,000 known individual supporters and to a broad range of professional partners.

Corporate Membership of the BTO aims to encourage dialogue with our business supporters. It is about sharing ideas and talking with business to discover how best BTO work can benefit our partner companies, including staff training, customer engagement and access to the BTO’s professional and volunteer experts.

Andy Clements—BTO Director

The relationships the BTO has established with its Corporate Members allow projects to be planned and actioned with confidence and security— this foundation is invaluable. 

What our Members say

"Porzana is the sole supplier of bird rings to the British Trust for Ornithology as well as a major supplier to many of the large national ringing schemes across the world. We are delighted to support the work of the BTO further through the Corporate Membership Scheme"

Kevin Thornton
Managing Director,

"BirdGuides is proud to help support the work of the British Trust for Ornithology. We are delighted to share our sightings with the BTO to help conservation."


"Ark Wildlife is dedicated to birds and wildlife; founded by Sean McMenemy with the philosophy to provide customers with brilliant service, knowledgeable staff and products based on the best research. The BTO are an essential business partner to Ark Wildlife providing invaluable information on the real needs of British birds."

Sean McMenemy
Ark Wildlife