Corporate support

Many companies are already making an important contribution to biodiversity by supporting the work of the BTO through our Corporate Membership Scheme or through corporate partnership.

Goldfinch by Jill Pakenham

Goldfinch the bird chosen to represent our
Gold corporate membership category. 

Join our corporate supporters

By working with us you could:

  • Align your company with a highly respected and trusted conservation science organisation and achieve your Corporate Social Responsibility objectives.
  • Support vital research which gets to the heart of conservation issues of national and global concern and be informed of the latest research and challenges.
  • Show your company’s commitment to its environmental responsibilities through the use of the BTO Corporate Membership Logo.
  • Support specific projects relevant to your business.
  • Share your commitment and involvement with more than 50,000 known individual supporters, to a broad range of professional partners and with our growing audience following BTO work through social media.

How we work with businesses

We work with businessess in a number of ways including;

  • Undertaking monitoring of birds at business sites to inform habitat management.
  • Designing and developing mobile and online systems for monitoring wildlife.
  • Testing new equipment, like optics and outdoor clothing.
  • Providing business with the tools to be a champion for our satellite tagging projects including Cuckoos.
  • Helping business meet their aims of delivering research vital to informing conservation.
Nightingale by Edmund Fellowes

Case Study: Anglian Water and Nightingales

Anglian Water has been working with the BTO to research why Nightingales have declined by a staggering 90% in the UK in the last 40 years and to share the effective habitat management practices developed on Anglian Water sites. To date we have collaborated on two surveys of breeding Nightingales and in 2012-13 we tracked 20 birds to the far west of Africa, around Senegambia, to learn about the wintering grounds of these iconic birds and what factors may impact on their survival. We intend to develop further tracking work to tell us more about the migration of Nightingales and the habitat they need to inform their conservation and protection.

What our Members say

"Porzana is the sole supplier of bird rings to the British Trust for Ornithology as well as a major supplier to many of the large national ringing schemes across the world. We are delighted to support the work of the BTO further through the Corporate Membership Scheme"

Kevin Thornton
Managing Director,


“Thetford Garden Centre is an independent business which has been established in Thetford for over 30 years. We have eight departments bursting with choice and a Coffee Shop serving fresh local produce, all on eight acres of Norfolk parkland. We are keen to support wildlife and we are also proud of our Thetford heritage – supporting the BTO is a perfect opportunity for us to invest in both.”

Jean Nixon
Thetford Garden Centre

"Ark Wildlife is dedicated to birds and wildlife; founded by Sean McMenemy with the philosophy to provide customers with brilliant service, knowledgeable staff and products based on the best research. The BTO are an essential business partner to Ark Wildlife providing invaluable information on the real needs of British birds."

Sean McMenemy
Ark Wildlife

Support the BTO and show your commitment to birds by becoming a BTO Corporate Member or partner.