Derek's journey from 06 May 2014 to 25 March 2015

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Derek continues west - 25 Mar 2015

Derek's continued west and covered another 550km (340 miles) to reach his new location in Ivory Coast. He is about 60km (35 miles) north-east of Ash and 105km (65 miles) north of David's new location. All in all there are six Cuckoos in Ivory Coast currently. 

Derek in Ghana - 20 Mar 2015

From the northern edge of the forest in Cameroon, Derek had moved to Ghana by 19 March, travelling 1400km (915 miles).

Ash, Emsworthy and Derek move to forest edge - 4 Feb 2015

It looks like a few of our Cuckoos are setting off on their first spring migration movements. Ash and Emsworthy have both joined Stanley in making a move northwards to the Congo rainforest edge while Derek has been in the area for a few days but only transmitting low quality signals, until now, which hadn't registered on the maps. 

Sherwood Cuckoos move west - 21 Jan 2015

Fred and Jake, two of our Cuckoos tagged in Sherwood Forest, have moved westwards and are now in Congo. Fred recently left the Mbandaka area and has moved about 270km (165 miles) west from his previous location in Democratic Republic of Congo, while Jake, who is about 70km (45 miles) further south, travelled a shorter distance of 155km (95 miles). 

Interestingly, Derek who is slightly further north, had been moving east, the opposite direction to Jake and Fred, until recently but he has backtracked around 65km (40 miles). Emsworthy has also moved, but northwards to the area not long vacated by Fred. These movements may indicate changing conditions which are encouraging the Cuckoos to seek more favourable areas. 

Emsworthy and Derek move west - 18 Dec 2014

Derek and Emsworthy have recently moved westwards and are now south-west of  the Site Lac Tele-Likouala Aux Herbes area. Chris had also been in the area before moving south to Angola, possibly due to dryer conditions in that area this year.