Derek's journey from 05 June 2013 to 05 April 2014

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Derek continues west - 17 Mar 2014

Derek has continued 350km (218 miles) on from his last location and is now in the north-west of Ivory Coast, very close to it's border with Guinea. As for two of his fellow Norfolk Cuckoos, Ken, has also made it to Ivory Coast, while Chris has recently arrived in Ghana.

Derek in Ivory Coast - 11 Mar 2014

From his last position to the west of Lake Volta, Derek continued a further 445km (275 miles) in a north-westerly direction, across the border and in to Ivory Coast. He is now just north of  Bouaké (or Bwake), the second largest city in Ivory Coast. Waller is a further 400km (250 miles) to the south-west.

Derek close on Waller's heels - 7 Mar 2014

By the 28 February, Derek had moved from Congo to central Cameroon.  This morning, 7 March, we received signals showing he had covered a further 1490km (925 miles), which puts him to the west of Lake Volta in Ghana. He is the third of our tagged Cuckoos in West Africa but is further to the west than Ken who has remained in Nigeria.

Derek is most southerly Cuckoo - 25 Feb 2014

Derek has travelled a small distance south-east from his last position. The most recent signal, received on 21 February, shows he is currently  near a tributary of the Congo river, close to Site Lac Tele-Likouala Aux Herbes.  Now that Chris has moved north, Derek is the most southerly Cuckoo.  Will he also move north shortly? 

Derek moves north - 15 Jan 2014

Derek has started to move north. At 08.30 on 14 January he had moved 120km (74 miles) north-east from his mid-winter location. He is now just 9km (6 miles) from Scottish Cuckoo Waller.