Derek's journey from 03 May 2015 to 02 August 2015

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Derek in Spain - 14 Jul 2015

Derek has continued on from France and is now further south, in the Castille and Leon region of Spain.  He is currently the only one of our tagged Cuckoos in Spain, though Dudley passed this way earlier on his way south. 

Derek on his way - 8 Jul 2015

A series of poor signals on the 5 July suggested Derek had crossed the Channel and was in northern France. Signals recieved during the early hours of 7 July confirmed that he had indeed left Britain. However, he wasn't in northern France. He is currently in southern France just north of Pau and close to the northern edge of the Pyrenees.

Derek still in the Broads - 1 Jul 2015

Derek is still in the Norfolk Broads, in the area that he arrived in on 26 April.Last year, he left on 22 July.

Derek back in Norfolk - 27 Apr 2015

By the morning of the 26 April Derek had returned to Norfolk and was back in the UK. From his postition in Spain he had travelled 1620km (1000 miles), crossing over France during the 24 April, to return his breeding grounds as the fifth of our tagged Cuckoos back to the UK. 

Derek and Stanley north of Sierra Morena Mountains - 16 Apr 2015

From Morocco, Derek had continued on a further 1000km (600 miles) to reach Spain, settling in an area north of the Sienna Morena Mountains, by 15 April. He was joined here on the same day by Stanley, who had travelled north-west from his location near Granada and the Sierra Nevada Mountains. They are now only about 7km (4.5 miles) apart.