A prolonged period of strong wind meant that we were pretty late in the season to catch our last bird. The number of potential sites in Broadland was drying up and at least 2 of the birds previously tagged had moved more than 10km from where they were tagged so we were worried the birds might have finished breeding. A recce in Thetford Forest soon located a singing bird which reacted strongly to a tape and on 1 June we set nets around a low bush. The resident male was there immediately but kept high in the trees. After making us wait for an hour and a half, a young male came in and the resulting chase ended with the young male in the net. We had captured our final bird. Hear the excitement of how we caught Chris in the BBC Radio 4 series Saving Species.

Chris's journey from 01 May 2013 to 23 April 2014

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Chris in France - 24 Apr 2014

Signals received yesterday show that Chris had moved on from northern Spain was in Normandy, France. We received a series of signals which showed him moving around the area of Omaha beach. Omaha was one of the five sectors of the Allied invasion of German-occupied France in the Normandy landings.  However he didn't spend too long on the D-day cliff faces and later signals show him in the English Channel. He is on his way and could be back anytime!  

Chris closing in on Skinner and Waller - 17 Apr 2014

The title of first tagged Cuckoo back to the UK is still up for grabs, and Chris is close on the heels of the two leading Cuckoos. From his location in Morroco on 14 April he has flown 810km (500 miles), across the Alboran Sea and the Sieraa Nevada Mountains to a location south of Valladolid, Spain.

This is surprising, as during the 3 years we have been following him, this is the first time he has ventured to Spain, previously preferring to travel through Italy and France.  

Skinner is currently the most northerly Cuckoo, but only just further than Waller. Skinner is about 140km (90 miles) directly north of Chris while Waller is 170km (100 miles) to the north-west.

Chris is third Cuckoo to complete crossing - 14 Apr 2014

Chris remained in the east of Ivory Coast until at least 6 April.  In the late afternoon of the 11 April, a series of transmissions revealed he was on the move and was in Mauritania, flying over the El Djouf Desert at the western edge of the Sahara, having already covered 1525km (950 miles) from his previous location.

Just north of the El Djouf Desert, he then changed course to head north-east, arriving in northern Morocco in the early hours of the 14 April, shortly after Waller also arrived in Morrocco having completed his crossing. This makes Chris the third of our Cuckoos to cross the desert successfully and is the third return desert crossing over which we have eagerly followed his progress. This year, he seems to have ended up much further west than after any previous crossings. He was tagged in the first year of the project and is the only remaining bird from the original five tagged. Over the three years, he has helped us to learn amazing new things about Cuckoo Migration and we hope that he continues to do so! 

Chris in Ivory Coast - 24 Mar 2014

Chris is the most recent Cuckoo to have joined the five others in Ivory Coast! Having been in Ghana until at least the 18 March, he then flew 215km (130 miles) which took him over the border and into Ivory Coast by the 21 March. He is now only 75km (45 miles) from Skinner's location and 70km ( 42 miles) from Ken's location. 

Chris is in Ghana - 17 Mar 2014

By the early hours of 14 March, Chris had left Central African Republic and signals showed he was in the south of Nigeria. The next signals received on 16 March revealed he had contined on and was in Ghana. He had travelled a total of 1900km (1180 miles) from his location within Central African Republic to Ghana in no more than five days at most! In previous years he has arrived in Ghana between the 13-17 March, so once again he is on schedule!