Chris is the only tagged Cuckoo that has provided data for three consecutive years. Chris has given pioneering insight into Cuckoo wintering grounds, migration routes and speed of travel. Find out more about why we're celebrating Chris

Chris's journey from 03 May 2015 to 30 July 2015

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Chris in Italy - 17 Jul 2015

Chris has continued south and is now in northern Italy, just east of Ferrara. Poor quality signals indicate that he journeyed to Slovenia from Germany, and then on to Italy. 

Chris on the move again - 8 Jul 2015

Chris's stay in the Netherlands was quite short this year. A signal during the early evening on 7 July showed that he was in Bavaria, just outside of the town of Langenthonhausen. This is the furthest east he has ventured since being fitted with his satellite tag.

Chris in the Netherlands - 6 Jul 2015

On the 4 July good signals were received from Chris' tag which revealed he was in the Netherlands,close to Rotterdam. Low quality signals received a few days before this show he may well have arrived in mainland Europe earlier than this, before moving north-east to his current location. This location is further north than the locations in Belgium we have seen him use in previous years. 

Chris in no hurry to leave - 1 Jul 2015

Chris is still in the area of Cavenham Heath that he arrived in on 29 April. Last year he left the UK on 7 July.

Chris returns to breeding grounds again - 29 Apr 2015

Chris has returned to the area around the Norfolk/Suffolk border where he was first tagged in spring 2011 and has spent each subsequent summer. 

Since leaving our shores in 2011, Chris has flown over, or visited, twenty-eight different countries, crossed the Sahara Desert eight times and reached speeds of up to 60mph. 

Dr Chris Hewson, lead scientist on the project at the BTO, said, “Chris was one-year old when we fitted the satellite-tag, which makes him five-years old now, and quite an age for a Cuckoo; the oldest we have on record is almost seven. The tag was also given a life of two-to-three years, so that is getting quite old too. We had everything crossed for Chris to make it back again this year and give us another complete migration route, and he hasn’t let us down.”