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BBWC Home > Contents > Appendix > Tables of alerts and population increases from CBC/BBS
7.1 Tables of alerts and population increases from CBC/BBS
1a. CBC/BBS UK alerts – 41 years
1b. CBC/BBS England alerts – 41 years
2a. CBC/BBS UK alerts – 25 years
2b. CBC/BBS England alerts – 25 years
3a. CBC/BBS UK alerts – 10 years
3b. CBC/BBS England alerts – 10 years
4a. CBC/BBS UK alerts – 5 years
4b. CBC/BBS England alerts – 5 years
5a. CBC/BBS UK population increases of >50% – 41 years
5b. CBC/BBS England population increases of >50% – 41 years
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