Bird migration timeline

Click the plus symbols to find out what's happening on a particular day. To view the timeline by day, week or month, drag the slider on the zoom tool.

The timeline shows the first arrivals reported to BirdTrack, the average day of first arrival from BirdFacts, predictions about the weather from the BTO Migration blog and YouTube video footage.


Arrival date information is collected from BirdTrack which is run by BTO on behalf of BTO, RSPB, BWI & SOC. Information about nests is derived from the BTO/JNCC Nest Record scheme.

Photographs were kindly provided by Jill Pakenham, Edmund Fellowes,, Derek Belsey, John Harding, Tommy Holden, Ron Marshall, Glen Bishton, John Bowers, Al Downie, Ron Marshall, Mike Weston & Neil Calbrade. Maps are from Time to Fly by Jim Flegg.