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Redwing. Photograph by John Harding

Migration hotting up

Winter thrushes are arriving en masse, with Redwings appearing in their thousands last week. These were closely followed by the first of the Fiedlfares. Right now, Hurricane Gonzalo is on its way across the Atlantic, bringing birds as well as heavy wind and rain. Find out what migrants to watch out for in our latest Migration Blog.

The State of UK's Birds report 2014 cover

The state of the UK's Birds 2014

The latest State of the UK’s birds report includes for the first time an indicator for summer migrants. This new indicator shows that where you spend the winter months counts; with many of those birds that fly as far as the humid zone of central Africa showing the most dramatic declines.

Current Cuckoo locations

Seventeen Cuckoos in six countries

All seventeen of the remaining Cuckoos are now south of the Sahara and are spread across six different countries. Twelve of them are now close to, or in, the localities in which they will spend the early part of the winter. The other five could move further south any day. Keep an eye on them all here.

House Martin appeal to fund national survey

Our new House Martin Appeal is raising funds to carry out the House Martin Survey to gather vital information to understand the reasons behind their decline and inform their conservation. Your gift will help us to establish a population estimate, providing a baseline against which future change can be measure, and understand more about breeding success and nesting preferences. Find out more or make a donation.

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