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Blackcap by Adrian Dancy

Monitoring illegal bird trapping

Bird trapping is illegal in the European Union, but still occurs in several Member States. BirdLife Cyprus and RSPB have been monitoring this activity in Cyprus for over a decade. BTO's impartiality and reputation for robust science led to staff members Ali Johnston and Nick Moran being invited to a workshop in Cyprus to discuss the monitoring protocol. The whole issue was the focus of a recent feature for Nature.

Receive a free NNBW nest box when you join BTO & GBW for £45

National Nest Box Week membership offer

To celebrate this year's National Next Box Week (NNBW), the BTO has put together a wonderful offer that will enrich your garden birdwatching, while supporting our vital research. Until 29 February we are offering the opportunity to join both the BTO and Garden BirdWatch for £4 a month, and you will also receive one of the two official NNBW nest boxes. Take advantage of this offer now.

What are Goldfinches feeding on in your garden?

Through the Goldfinch Feeding Survey, we aim to understand why Goldfinches are becoming increasingly common in gardens, and how important the food we put out or the plants we grow are. So far it seems that sunflower hearts are more tempting than nyger seed, but is that really the case? We need your help between now and the end of February to find out the answers!
Curlew, photograph by Jill Pakenham

Raising funds to conserve our Curlew

Our new fundraising appeal is for urgent research into Curlew population decline, in a week when this species has been added to the Birds of Conservation Concern Red List.  Our ground-breaking programme of research will investigate patterns of extinction and colonisation and use revolutionary new technology to track wintering Curlew. Please help us by making a donation to the BTO Curlew appeal.