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Patchy habitats expose woodland birds to winter weather

New research led by the BTO suggests that habitat attributes, such as its area and how isolated it is, may influence the ability of woodland birds to withstand population declines caused by winter weather. The study concludes that landscape-scale conservation initiatives that maximize woodland patch size and minimize patch isolation could help improve the resilience of some woodland bird species to climate change.

Hedgehog by John Harding

Garden wildlife springs into action early

The latest results from the Garden BirdWatch survey highlight that some of our garden wildlife including, Hedgehogs and Small Tortoiseshell butterflies, became active a lot earlier this year, than in previous years.

Golden Plover by Nigel Clark

New study: climate change disrupts natural relationships between species

A report published in March found that climate change is altering species’ distributions and populations. However, what is less clear is how and why. Latest research led by the BTO shows that the main driver of change might actually occur through altered interactions between species, rather than direct responses to climate. This study highlights a need to consider the often complex ecological relationships between species when assessing the impacts of climate change on wildlife.

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