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Barn Owl by Neil Calbrade

Bumper year for Barn Owl

Reports coming in to the BTO suggest that 2014 may turn out to be the best Barn Owl breeding season since 2007. Whilst we have not yet had all of the ringing data, the totals are already up on last year. In 2013, only 20 Barn Owls were ringed in May and 183 in June. This year to date, we have received the details of 428 Barn Owls ringed in May and 1,814 in June! Read more.

Birds, people and places

Birds, people and places is the subject of our Annual Conference and AGM taking place from the 5-7 December at the Hayes Conference Centre in Derbyshire. Talks will include birds in an urbanising world, an insight into the fight against wildlife crime, renewable energy and its impact on birds and best-selling author Helen MacDonald will examine our long and strange relationship with hawks. Find out more and book your place here.

Red Admiral by John Harding

Red Admiral resurgence in gardens

Earlier this year, Garden BirdWatch reported that butterflies were showing dramatic patterns of emergence, promising another successful year. Most common garden butterfly species did appear in high numbers, but this year's winner was definitely the Red Admiral.

House Martin by Dave Hutton

House Martin records and pictures

We’ve been delighted to receive so many letters and emails in response to the House Martin Appeal over the last few days and thank you to everyone who has generously donated so far. If you’ve got historical records of breeding House Martins, then you can make these available for future research by entering them into BirdTrack.  You can also add your photographs into the BirdTrack Flickr pool  – we’re particularly keen to receive photos of unusual nesting locations.

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