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Cuckoo 146759

Eight more Cuckoos join the fight

Eight more Cuckoos have been fitted with satellite tags in Northern England, Wales and the Midlands to help find out how birds in different parts of the country migrate to the Congo rainforest. So far, only one has been given a name but the others will be named shortly as part of a Schools competition. Follow all of them, and perhaps choose one to sponsor now.

Gannet tracks

Track a Gannet

A new and experimental project has just been launched, offering an unrivalled insight into the lifecycle of the Northern Gannet. The project entitled ‘Track a Gannet’, or T.A.G. for short, is jointly run by the Alderney Wildlife Trust (AWT), the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) and the University of Liverpool, and has enabled Gannets to be put under surveillance using the 3G mobile network.

What's Under Your Feet? logo

BTO working with EDF Energy to see 'What's Under Your Feet'

BTO is delighted to announce a new collaboration with EDF Energy, the UK’s largest provider of low carbon energy, to inspire a new generation of scientists. Over the next school year we will be inviting over 20,000 schools who are members of EDF Energy's award winning education programme, the Pod, to find out how climate change, specifically drought, is affecting the abundance of birds across the UK.

Skylark by Anne Cotton

BTO Farmland Bird Appeal

Thanks to everyone who has already lent their support to the BTO Farmland Bird Appeal to help us carry out new research to help reverse the declines of birds such as Skylark, Lapwing and Yellowhammer. We want to understand more about how farmland birds are using farmed landscape and find new conservation solutions which deliver results. Support the appeal by making a donation

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