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Yellow Wagtail by Jill Pakenham

BirdTrack research appeal

Many summer migrants are declining and need our help, yet important knowledge gaps remain. Bridging those gaps is a fundamental aim of our BirdTrack research project. This will deliver new insights into bird population and distribution changes, habitat use, and migration patterns across a range of species in the UK and beyond. With your support, the BirdTrack research project can unlock the insights needed to answer some of the most pressing questions about our summer migrants.

2015 YBOTY winners

Spurn Young Birder of The Year

The BTO have teamed up with Spurn Bird Observatory Trust and Next Generation Birders to find their Young Birder of The year. The winner will be decided in a final round of birdwatching at Migfest 2016. Might you have what it takes to be young birder of the year? Find out here

Cuckoo David

The Cuckoos are back

All of our satellite tagged Cuckoos have made it back to their breeding sites. For Vigilamus this coincided with heavy snow and a temperature of minus 5, proving too much for him to cope with, whilst for David it marked the completion of four whole migration cycles. Catch up with all of the birds here.

Guests of Summer book front cover

New House Martin book

'Guests of Summer' provides a fascinating insight into the lives of one of our most enigmatic and enchanting birds - the House Martin. Intrigued by the House Martins that nest on his house, Theunis Piersma started to examine their lives. Piersma weaves a tapestry that connects Anglo-Saxon migrations, Shakespeare's writings, political upheavel in the Congo, climate change, and much more. Order 'Guests of Summer' now from BTO.