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Will Chester the satellite-tagged Cuckoo be the next to cross the Sahara Desert?

Successful southward migration for our Cuckoos

Most of our satellite-tagged Cuckoos are having a successful southward migration this year, possibly as a result of them being in good condition when they left the UK due to our good spring and early summer weather. Most birds have already successfully crossed the Sahara Desert. However, Chris the Cuckoo is still in Italy and appears to be running late. This time last year he was south of the Sahara Desert. You can follow our satellite-tagged Cuckoos here.  
Song Thrush by Jill Pakeham

New Membership Offer

We have a wonderful book as our Membership gift for new joiners this month.  Based on the scripts of the acclaimed and thoroughly enjoyable Radio 4 series 'Tweet of the Day, it is written by our member Stephen Moss alongside Brett Westwood who bring their knowledge and enthusiasm to the pages. Titled  'A year of Britain's Birds' it introduces our favorite birds, month by month, giving warm accounts, insights and memorable facts that make it delightful to read. Together with beautiful illustrations by Carry Akroyd it is something to really treasure. Join the BTO for as little as £2.25 a month and receive this book, worth £25, for free.

Pintail by Jill Pakenham

Wading birds feeling the strain on UK estuaries

The UK’s winter populations of Ringed Plover and Pintail are falling, but Avocet and Gadwall are on the up. Waterbirds in the UK 2012/13, the new report of the Wetland Bird Survey (WeBS) details the status of these and other waterbirds through an interactive online report.  Along with a paper report summarising results and related research, Waterbirds in the UK 2012/13 has all the information you need about wintering waders, ducks, geese, swans and gulls in the UK, as well as the wetlands used by them.  A big thank you to our dedicated WeBS volunteers, all of whom make this key resource possible.

Award for inspiring others

Bat Survey wins award

The Norfolk Bat Survey led by the BTO, in partnership with other organisations, won the ‘Inspiring others’ award, given by the Norfolk Biodiversity in recognition of the huge number of ‘Citizen Scientists’ that have taken part in the project. Over 600 1-km squares have been surveyed since the survey began in 2013. 

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